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Let The Sun Shine In..or NOT- Installing A Patio Sun Shade

Our bedroom slider (out to balcony) faces nearly due east. Which is great if you are a “get up with the sun” type, and not really a problem on work days when I get up early. But on a weekend, I need the sun to LEAVE ME ALONE until I’m ready for it. It’s not too much of a problem in Northwest Oregon where a lot of our mornings start with clouds, but the clear summer days and heat waves have been causing our bedroom to heat up significantly during the morning hours, making it at least 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

So we purchased a Cooleroo outdoor sunshade:

Coolaroo Cordless Shade

Ours is 96″x96″. The balcony is actually 15 feet, but the sun only comes in right in the middle so we thought this would work.

We started by marking 96″ approximately in the middle of the laminate beam on the patio cover. Then we held up the shade with brackets attached and marked where the brackets would go. Held up brackets and drilled pilot holes for the screws, then installed brackets, leaving screws slightly loose on one side for adjustment.



You can see the brackets have a long hole for adjustment. Personally, I prefer the keyhole style holes, where you can install the screw first (with a drill) and then attach and adjust the bracket. This particular set up made it difficult to fit the drill around the mounting hardware. So as usual, we had to wing it (and use man-power, literally, my husband had to tighten screws with a hand screw driver. Hooray for burly-men!!)

We mounted the shade and then adjusted the left bracket and tightened the screws. You could check for level, but we measured 1″ from the bottom of the beam.



Here’s what it looks like from inside the room


It took us about 20 minutes to put up, including the tie downs to keep the shade from moving in the wind.


The length is adjusted by rotating a rod which hook onto a loop on the right side (so there is no inner spring involved).

I’m not sure how much wind this shade can take, even while fastened to the deck rail, but we will probably be rolling it up and tying it if there are going to be gusty winds.

But it should keep us cooler on the next hot sunny day:)

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