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Wherein The Porch Explodes With Blooms- Hanging Flower Baskets Arrive

Cue bees! Cue butterflies! The baskets are up!

20150712_163631 20150712_163711

Drippers are dripping! I set the timer to turn off after 30 minutes. Then I will do a trial timer run to make sure it comes on and turns off.

The nursery guy at Godfrey’s advised me to water twice a day (early morning and afternoon) and the to fertilize with liquid (such as Miracle Gro) once per week, making sure to turn drippers off for that day so the chemicals don’t leach out.

We ended up buying the baskets whole because Godfrey’s sells this size for $13.50, and they are already fabulous.

I’ll post an update in a few weeks and we’ll see how the baskets are coming along.

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