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Future Home of the Mom Cave

So here’s where I am in Operation Clean Teen Boy’s Room.


I always forget to take a “before” so here it is. It’s a very nice room, lots of light, big closet.

Yesterday, we took the queen sized bed out of teen girl’s room (she got a daybed- which we put together and also which I was going to post but I didn’t get in there before she “teened” up the room, so we’ll leave it until we decorate in there.)

I used the patented Macro-Micro-Nano vaccum system for this room: first pass with a shop vac to suck up all the particulate larger than a terrier, next use the OLD crappy vac to get the next layer, finally, finish up with awesome, will-suck-your-face-off Shark vac to get minute dust particles.

Spouse and I wrestled Q bed into the room. Next step, put together trundle for remaining teen to use with her daybed (using abandoned twin mattress.)

Then this room gets a a nice fresh coat of paint in whatever color I have enough of in my garage. I think the winner is going to be Careless Whisper, a nice silvery tone that will really set the mood of the forthcoming Mom Cave.

This room will be where I sew, craft, and generally chill out, and will double as a guest room, my first space of the kind!

Next pic will be post-paint and with furniture. Hopefully re-decorated teen room will also be featured soon. We are doing a 70’s theme in there with some gorgeous burnt orange paint.

Following this, will be the Big Ikea Billy Bookcase Caper in the downstairs living room, which will also feature my new office area. As organization arrives, bliss follows.