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A Fast and Festive Pan Dinner- Chicken Enchiladas


Chicken and veggie enchiladas

Enchiladas have made it into my meal repertoire of late. My preference is chicken, but any protein will do. Or none!

IMG_0810 - Copy

Carrots, spinach and green bell peppers

We are making chicken and veggie/just veggie enchiladas here (in case you have a mix of carnivores and herbivores in your household.)

I’m using large yellow corn tortillas which make pretty big enchiladas.

If you don’t want your enchiladas to become mushy you’ll need to crisp the tortillas a bit before rolling up the filling. Usually, this is done in a pan with some hot oil.

IMG_0811 - Copy

Corn tortillas on a baking sheet, spritzed lightly with non-stick spray

However, because I’m lazy, er, efficient, I decide to spray the tortillas with non-stick spray and let them crisp slightly in the oven on low broil. Not only is this convenient and less messy but it reduces the calories.

They come out of the oven crispy but still pliable.

IMG_0812 - Copy

Tortillas fresh out of the oven

Now for the meat filling. Any sort of cooked chicken will do: shredded thighs, chopped chicken breast, canned chicken. I am using rotisserie chicken (removed from carcass) from Costco. It comes in 3lb packages and this serving size will use about 1lb (453g) of chicken.


Rotisserie chicken seasoned with cumin, oregano and mild chili powder

Season the chicken however you like it. I like cumin and oregano, you can use taco powder, or cayenne if you like it hot.

To stuff enchiladas, use a silicone brush and brush enchilada sauce on inside of tortilla, then layer with veggies, meat and shredded cheese. I’m using pre-shredded cheddar and canned enchilada sauce (El Pato from Cash and Carry is the best).


Ready to roll!

I’m going to place each rolled enchilada in my baking pan covered with non-stick spray into which I’ve spooned about 1/2 cup of sauce.The last four into the pan will be vegetable/cheese only.


Enchiladas in pan, waiting patiently…

Then I use my silicone brush and lightly coat the tortillas. Reserve about a cup of sauce for serving.


Lightly coated with sauce

I cover with foil and place in my 350 F° (177 C°) oven. Cook covered for about 30 minutes, then remove foil, sprinkle with more cheese, and cook another 10-15 minutes. You want the tortillas to absorb the sauce but not be soggy or, conversely, dry.


Cooked enchiladas

Place enchiladas on a serving plate then spoon heated sauce on top and add a nice blop of sour cream. I prefer mine with chives.


You can substitute any of my ready-to-go suggestions with fresh cooked chicken, home-made sauce or hand-shredded cheese. My version keeps the prep time down to about 30 minutes.

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