Yes, I Am A DIY Angel- My Wallpaper Painting Suggestions Are Implemented

I like to give advice. It’s one of the reasons I started blogging “how-to”– frankly, I’m happiest telling other people what to do.

A nice lady at work was telling the lunchroom crowd about her cosmetic upgrades she and her family have been working on. She’s done new kitchen and dining room flooring (Allure vinyl planks and they look beautiful) and was trying to figure out what to do with some wallpaper and paneling.

I piped up (like I do) and suggested that she paint over the wallpaper. I know this goes against Standard Old School DIY Advice (google it, and you’ll find countless forums telling you NOT TO DO THAT, buckle down and scrape it off, Loafer!)

But I beg to differ and I told her so and explained how to do it. Then I suggested that she fill in the grooves in the cheap paneling with drywall mud, sand, prime, texture, paint.

She did the wallpaper! I was so proud of her (and she of herself) and also tickled that she took my advice and did a great job (she’s a meticulous person, and would never stand for anything that looked sloppy or cheezy.) I am trying to get her to send me some pics so I can post them. She liked the paneling idea as well (filling in grooves with mud, sanding, oil based primer, texture and paint and will try them soon.)

So I will be posting a wall-paper painting tutorial this week, complete with LIVE ACTION SHOTS as I still have a section of my kitchen that remains ugly (it’s above and behind the fridge, I didn’t feel like dealing with pulling it out.)

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