1970 Tri-Level Kitchen Update Part 1- We arrive in 1990

Picture if you will:

A u-shaped kitchen with light oak inset paneled cabinets, powder blue laminate countertops, white appliances, carpet (circa 1978) and hideous wallpaper covering everything that isn’t either powder blue laminate or light oak.

Better yet, I’ll show you




This would be perfect if you were

  • Living in 1990
  • Amish
  • Blind

All it’s missing is cheerful grouping of duck-shaped canisters and frilly valance. By the way, that IS a telephone on the wall. You could almost imagine the previous owners standing around on their kitchen carpet drinking Yuban and talking about ways to uglify the rest of the house with their hideous paint choices (mint green in the master bath?? Yes! Believe it! Pix coming soon!)

This is what my kitchen looked like when we moved in 3.5 years ago. The cabinets, we suspect, were handmade by the previous homeowner in what used to be his shop in the basement (we are now using it as a music studio.) They are solid oak, they are sturdy, and they were BUILT IN PLACE. There is nothing modular about these babies. If you want to change something you have to cut it. The backsplashes were pine 2×6’s with that famous powder blue laminate ironed on to them- after they were SCREWED INTO THE STUDS. When we removed the counters we literally had to beat them off the wall.

But wait, you say. Was there a mention of kitchen carpet?? Yes, there was fiiine quality kitchen carpet- brown (really? REALLY? Brown??) kitchen carpet. Glued down within an inch of its life. The skeeze factor with kitchen carpet is too high to comprehend. I, a famously sloppy cook, had slopped many a sauce or an egg or a glass of wine on the carpet with no perceptible stains. Who knows what else might be lurking in the petri dish of this floor covering?

Fortunately, it no longer looks like this. Please stay tuned for the next installment (as soon as I clean the kitchen to take pictures.)


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